Saturday, January 24, 2009

Digging the Blues

Well, I've placed my bi-annual plant order with Bluestone Perennials. I hope some of you took advantage of their 15% off early bird special. I had a bunch of little coupons from them too, so I ended up saving over $30. When you consider that many of these plants come as 3-packs, the value is outstanding. I've had good luck overall with their plant quality as well - a couple of disappointments over the years, but not many. They are Garden Watchdog Top 30 company, after all.

Here's what my order contained:

VERONICA teucrium Royal Blue
RUDBECKIA hirta Cherry Brandy
AGASTACHE Purple Pygmy
COREOPSIS rosea American Dream
KNAUTIA macedonica Red Knight
BUDDLEIA davidii Harlequin
HEMEROCALLIS siloam Irving Hepner (shown at right)
ASTER oblongifolius October Skies
SEDUM spurium Fulda Glow (Fuldaglut )
THYMUS x Highland Cream
HEUCHERA Purple Petticoats
HEUCHERA x villosa Miracle

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TC said...

Hi Tamara,

I read your article "Gardeners in the White House" over at Dave's Garden. It was quite interesting and very well written. We have some things in common: first, our mutual love for gardening; second, I too am a Master Gardener but "still manage to kill stuff on a regular basis." We both also like to write - I write a weekly gardening column for a small town newspaper here in western PA. I used to be a paid subscriber of Dave's Garden years ago, but I'm just a regular member now (user name on DG is "tcfromky").

Your plant order list is lacking one perennial: hellebores. They're deer resistant too.