Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - November 2011

Well, the fall of 2011 has been nearly as strange as the summer. Record heat and drought are being followed by mild temperatures -- and unusual bloom action  -- just a week before Thanksgiving. Flowering plants that went dormant due to the heat have been tricked into thinking it's spring again. I'm concerned some of them will suffer quite a shock when winter does get here, even if we do get the mild temperatures that are being predicted for our area.

This is Passiflora 'Lady Margaret.' I waited all summer for this to bloom. The vines grew and grew...but no blossoms, until we had 3" of rain in one week. Oy. Gorgeous, though, isn't it?

Clematis 'Crystal Fountain.' This is one that usually blooms in late March/early April and is showing its confusion by blooming again now.

Lilac 'Sensation.' I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted new leaf growth and flower buds emerging on this 8' lilac shrub a couple of weeks ago. Sure enough, it's blooming. Lilacs are pretty cold-hardy, so I think it'll be ok.

I don't think this Blackfoot Daisy, growing on a sunny, dry slope in our front yard, has ever stopped blooming all summer. A great, carefree native plant.

A scattershoot of Mexican Mint Marigold. These plants are consistent fall bloomers, but they do get a little raggedy.

My ever-reliable heirloom rose 'Midnight Blue.' Nothing fazes this thing. Totally disease- and pest-free, smells great and carries its wonderful deep purple color even in the worst heat.

A mystery plant coming up in my side yard flower bed. It looks sort of hibiscus-like to me, but has those weird, lobed leaves. If anyone can positively identify, please email me!