Sunday, August 24, 2008

September Should Be Busy

I've got several plant orders scheduled for early- and mid-September. Much as my darling husband hates to hear it, it's nice to have the plant-buying bug back again!

From Digging Dog Nursery:
Eupatorium rugosum Chocolate
Helictotrichon sempervirens Sapphire Fountain
Origanum Rosenkuppel
Panicum virgatum Heavy Metal
Penstemon mexicali Sunburst Ruby
Penstemon Thorn
Salvia argentea

Anemone Lord Lieutenant
Dutch Iris Bronze Beauty
Lily, Trumpet Black Dragon
Tulip Saxatilis
Tulip Clusiana Cynthia
Iris Pallida Variegata

From Bluestone Perennials
BULB Allium Schubertii
BULB Dracunculus Vulgaris
VERONICA teucrium Royal Blue
ARTEMISIA Schmidtiana Silver Mound
EUPHORBIA Tasmanian Tiger
PENSTEMON mexicale x Red Rocks
AGASTACHE Tutti Frutti
ECHINACEA purpurea Coconut Lime
ECHINACEA purpurea Pink Double Delight
CHRYSANTHEMUM superbum Crazy Daisy
LIATRIS Spicata Kobold
SEDUM Lynda Windsor
VERONICA Fairytale

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Zephranthes Labuffarosa

Notes to Self: Tropicals

Notes to Self is a new section that serves as more of a to do list for myself than anything. You see, while I'm good at lecturing other gardeners about keeping lists, it's not something I do consistently. And I should.

My collection of tropicals and otherwise tender plants has boomed in recent months. I've kept (and neglected) a couple of lemon trees in containers on the driveway for several years; it was easy to just roll them into the garage when cool weather came around. Now...well, it's going to be quite a project in getting all of the new non-hardy members into the house. So I figured an action plan would be helpful.

1. Clean Out Garage

2. Already in Pots - Move to Garage or Sunroom
Meyer Lemon
Variegated Lemon
Satsuma Mandarin
Plumaria (2)
Pride of Barbados
Brugmansia (2)
Black Olive
Barbados Cherry
Yellow Shrimp
Hibiscus (2 non-hardy)

3. Already in Pots - Move to Protected Area of Patio
Sago Palm
Agave (2) - 'Mr. Ripple' & 'Jaws'

4. Dig Up, Pot Up, Move Inside
Variegated Tapioca (2)
Alocasias (2) - 'Hilo Beauty'
Colocasia - 'Illustris'
Passionflower (2)
Cuban Oregano

5. Propogate

Target date for completion: November 1.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Not in MY Garden...

Ok, back again after a trip to England and a bout of sheer blog laziness.

I took almost as many photos of plants as I did relatives while visiting family across the Big Pond. Here are some of the more interesting/appealing ones (of plants, not relatives):

These Giant Gunnera are pretty common creekside sites around the southwest part of England, where we spent part of our trip. That's my DH posing by this specimen. He was convinced I'd order one of these upon our return to the States, but I know better.

The English are crazy for gardening, and most of them are pretty darn good at it. I had terrible dahlia envy while passing through the many lovely neighborhoods.

These gorgeous clematis were growing all along a fence outside of Dunster Castle.

Inside the castle grounds were some lovely landscaping displays.

I'd never seen a variegated maple tree before; they are apparently pretty common in Europe.

The formal garden outside of Kensington Palace in London.

Another view of the Kensington Palace formal garden.

Back soon with news about what's going on in my own backyard...