Sunday, June 22, 2008

Can I Regrow My Memory from Seed?

I don't often grow flowers from seed -- vegetables, yes, but not flowers -- so I can't really use that as an excuse as to why I keep forgetting what flower seeds I did start this year. Thank goodness the flowers themselves are reminding me!

This is Scabiosa 'Dark Knight'
Gorgeous isn't it? At first I thought it was Rudbekia 'Green Wizard', but the petal-less heads suddenly open into these deep purple/black flowers. Got these seeds from Select Seeds if anyone is interested. (And behind the Scabiosa is a 'Black Pearl' ornamental purple pepper that reseeded on its own from last year's planting.)

Coreopsis 'Mardi Gras'
I ordered these seeds from Burpee a couple of years ago and didn't do anything with them until this past spring. Isn't this unusual? I love it and will start more next season.

Calendula 'Oktoberfest'
I know, I know...more yellow flowers. *sigh* The picture doesn't do this justice, though, as the undersides of the flower petals are a deep red. Lovely.

And then there are the Cleomes that have sprung up all over the yard - including through cracks in the driveway. Whoever said Cleome reseeds readily wasn't kidding.

Ah yes...I do like to grow veggies from seed. I've never started more tomatoes and peppers in mid-summer before, but lots of Texas gardeners do it. And, since I've got two plots at the Community Garden in need of filling out -- as I mentioned before, there's been a ban on growing squash family veggies this year-- more toms and pepps were called for. It'll be a good experiment for me personally as a veggie gardener, anyhow.

For those not familiar with the unique North Texas climate, we actually have two summer growing seasons here; tomatoes shut down through July and August, but new plants put in during that time will produce through November in most cases.

I've also started some winter squash (Delicata and Spaghetti) along with some watermelon and cantaloupe for growing around my own yard, although it might be too late for the latter two at this point. We'll see. Again, it's all an experiment at this point. There's also some basil and dill thrown in there for good herbal measure.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day: June

Yey, I made it this month!

The daylilies, as is usual this time of year, are cranking. Really nice to have that consistent splash of color in the front yard. The glads are about done, but gosh they're pretty. All of the yellow flowers in my aforementioned post are still blooming too...except that yellow squash I talked about has already succumbed to vine borers. Drat those things...!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Heat Is On

June has definitely brought summer to North Central Texas, along with lots of wind. The last week has seen my crank-out patio awning tucked safely away due to continuous gustiness. The wind doesn't seem to stop me from cooking steaks on the charcoal grill, however, albiet cautiously. Strangely we've not been under wind advisories.

Some spider-related news: I always try to park in the furthest of our uncovered parking lots at work. The five minute slightly uphill stroll is usually a pleasant way to start the day. But imagine my surprise yesterday when I stepped out of my vehicle and was confronted by one of these. He was really quite large, leggy and beautiful; unfortunately the photo I took with my phone-cam was pretty crappy. No one else was around to see him and I was glad, as most people's reflex would have been to stomp on him.

The Front Yard No-Grass Garden Project looks better every year. One of these days I'll have the whole thing filled in. I was pleased that the Bear's Breeches decided to finally bloom this year, after three seasons of patient waiting.

Our 12-year-old collie Alf had a seizure the other night and I fear his days are numbered. He still seems to have the energy to go digging and skulking behind the sumac shrub in the back corner of our yard, pretending he's a jungle dog, however.