Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Riding the Rue

Found this little fella lounging on my blue rue this morning, even though the plant is small and still in a nursery container. I moved it under my patio rocking chair when the weather suddenly turned windy and chilly. Hopefully he'll hang around and pupate. I believe he is a 4th instar Black Swallowtail.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Easy to Grow? Let's Hope So...

I am trying a new bulb company this year, Easy to Grow Bulbs. They come highly recommended by Garden Watchdog reviewers.

My order is supposed to arrive Wednesday. I'm taking Friday off to celebrate my 46th birthday by playing in the dirt...teehee!

Here's what I'm getting:
Anemone Lord Lieutenant
Dutch Iris Bronze Beauty
Lily, Trumpet Black Dragon
Tulip Saxatilis
Tulip Clusiana Cynthia
Iris Pallida Variegata

Of course, I also put in a hefty order with my own Master Gardener's association for our annual bulb sale. From what I can remember, my order includes Tulip Clusiana Lady Jane, Leucojum aestivum Gravetye Giant, and my favorite, the lovely and incredibly fragrant Narcissus Thalia (pictured above). We already have a nice bunch of Thalia in a street-side berm in our front yard, and I had to have more. Few daffodils (and tulips) will naturalize in North Texas. Thalia is one of them.