Saturday, August 23, 2008

Notes to Self: Tropicals

Notes to Self is a new section that serves as more of a to do list for myself than anything. You see, while I'm good at lecturing other gardeners about keeping lists, it's not something I do consistently. And I should.

My collection of tropicals and otherwise tender plants has boomed in recent months. I've kept (and neglected) a couple of lemon trees in containers on the driveway for several years; it was easy to just roll them into the garage when cool weather came around. Now...well, it's going to be quite a project in getting all of the new non-hardy members into the house. So I figured an action plan would be helpful.

1. Clean Out Garage

2. Already in Pots - Move to Garage or Sunroom
Meyer Lemon
Variegated Lemon
Satsuma Mandarin
Plumaria (2)
Pride of Barbados
Brugmansia (2)
Black Olive
Barbados Cherry
Yellow Shrimp
Hibiscus (2 non-hardy)

3. Already in Pots - Move to Protected Area of Patio
Sago Palm
Agave (2) - 'Mr. Ripple' & 'Jaws'

4. Dig Up, Pot Up, Move Inside
Variegated Tapioca (2)
Alocasias (2) - 'Hilo Beauty'
Colocasia - 'Illustris'
Passionflower (2)
Cuban Oregano

5. Propogate

Target date for completion: November 1.

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