Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Seeds of Change

Yesterday's inauguration has brought a feeling of hopefulness and much-needed change to our country. Kind of like how seed-starting does for me during winter's doldrums.

And that's not to diminish the importance of either occurrence. Just as I am in awe of our new president's sense of fairness and humility, I am always humbled by the simple yet hopeful task of starting seeds for the coming season.

Here's the list of what I started in Jiffy pots this past Saturday:

Tomato 'Valley Girl'
Tomato 'New Girl'
Tomato 'Yellow Cherry'
Tomato 'Orange King'
Radicchio 'Red Surprise'
Cauliflower 'Cheddar'
Cabbage 'Deadon'
Cabbage 'Alcosa'
Pac Choi 'Red'
Broccoli 'Purple Peacock'
Purple Orach
Mustard Greens 'Purple Wave'

Yeah, I still love growing weird-colored veggies, as you can tell. Orange cauliflower? Purple broccoli? Yellow cherry tomatoes? You betcha. For one thing, purple vegetables are said to contain more antioxidants than their common green or white or whatever counterparts. And to me, anything different and unique is usually way cool.

We've had really Sybil-like weather here in North Texas, i.e. 70° one day and a high of 45° the next. So, when things even out a bit, I'll go about the task of direct sowing things like carrots, beets, peas, lettuce, etc.

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