Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Lead Us Not Into Temptation...

...but deliver us from weevil?

It's a difficult time of year for gardeners, at least, Southern gardeners. Spring is so close we can almost smell it.

I look around the yard and see my daffodils blooming and I want to start doing things. Things like cleaning up dead plant debris and trimming off ornamental grasses and planting stuff. You know...gardening. But alas, it's still a bit too early.

After suffering through last week, which started off with ice storms and ended with 75° temperatures, I know not to trust Mother Nature this time of year. She is naughty and treacherous and won't hesitate to freeze unprotected plants to the ground.

So, seed starting and garden planning has filled some of the void. I finally got the three lightweight half whiskey barrels out of the garage, positioned them in the backyard around the pool and filled them with potting soil and some homemade compost. My seedlings are looking good and it'll be tough deciding what goes into the barrels, what goes in the new beds by the driveway and what (besides the tomatoes) gets sentenced to the wild confines of the Plano Community Garden. Sheesh.

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Tessa said...

Seedlings are look 'n good! I am just puttering around my garden, here and there as the weather permits too. And starting seeds, of course. I couldn't remember if I told you, but my sister lives in Plano and I usually visit- I love it there!