Saturday, July 25, 2009

Garden Crossings Delivers

Just wanted to, once again, share the love for Garden Crossings. They send you the best plants with the best packing method of anyone I've dealt with in the mail order plant business.

Know, too, that many of the plants in my order were on sale. Ever ordered sale plants from other mail order places, only to receive the tiniest, sickliest, most pathetic sticks you've ever seen, usually tossed into the box carelessly? Yeah, me too. Well, not from GC. Here are a few photos:


TK said...

They look beautiful! But how to they make sure the careless delivery service doesn't flip the box upside-down?

Tamara said...

Yeah, that's a possible problem. But each of the pots has a cardboard "collar" around the stem of the plant, so if that happens, dirt doesn't go flying around the box.

TK said...

Oh cool, yeah I think I see on at the top of the photo. What a good idea! Help keep the plant from getting crushed too I bet.