Sunday, February 15, 2009

Going Dutch

I'm always a little embarrassed to admit when I've ordered from Dutch Gardens. In my book, they're about one step above Spring Hill Nurseries as far as plant quality and reliable customer service...and that's not too good. But gosh, the pictures in their catalogs are intoxicating.

I figured I couldn't go too wrong with daylilies and gladiolus - two of the toughest plants in existence. Here's what my order looked like; these should be arriving in about a month:

Gladiolus 'Black Surprise'

Gladiolus 'Dandy'

Daylily 'Thundering Ovation'

Daylily 'Lori Goldston'


Anonymous said...

very nice your blog..

Unknown said...

Yeah I know what you mean, I have had no problem since I switched to Besides them having a 110% Price Guarantee (which just kills BRECKS BULBS) they also have a 100% Grow Guarantee...this is where Spring Hill comes into the store as "not shinning" so much!

Unknown said...
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Carl said...

I almost ordered bulbs this year, but decided that half my tiny side garden here in Denton is full of them, and I want to see what the ones already there are going to do. I was interested in ordering "heirloom" varieties and almost went with Old House Gardens but held off. Too many of them that appealed to me seemed to be geared towards more northern climes.

So far, the jonquils/daffodils did quite nicely, although two of them seemed to come and go rather quickly. But one bunch of them bloomed and stayed, but is unusually short in stature this year.

Carl said...

One more thing...I haven't had good luck with my glads here in Denton. Last year, a few grew but put on rather blah showing. They were from a big box store, so maybe that's my problem.

Unknown said...


I was recently on vacation in California and discovered Chaparral Sage, Salvia clevelandii; I am looking for Salvia clevelandii plant(s) or cuttings to prorogate. I am willing to purchase, trade or barter.
Thanks, Dennis, Dallas, TX

Nathan said...

Nice blog.