Tuesday, May 01, 2007

More Louisianas

Are you sick of seeing these yet? :) We've still got a ways to go before all the different kinds have bloomed...stay tuned!

Louisiana Iris 'Creole Flame' (I think...or might be 'Frank Chowning')

Louisiana Iris 'Danza'

Louisiana Iris 'Festivals Acadian'

Louisiana Iris 'Fiesta Gal'

Louisiana Iris 'Sea Wisp'


Unknown said...

I'm not tired of seeing these... but I am kind of hoping that you'll stop posting these luscious blooms soon, so you don't send me on a serious iris bender! lol. (I can't decide now... 'Creole Flame' is kicking my butt as much as 'Black Widow' did earlier.)

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the iris pictures. Very nice flowers and great pictures. I think that is Creole Flame. I would love to see a post about how you fertilize the Louisiana irises organically. -Patrick