Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lord of the Flies

Isn't this spectacular? I don't know who's more agog, me or the flies. They are swarming around this thing, and it's no wonder. The stench is gag-inducing. Even my dogs won't go near it.

But my heavens, I've been waiting years for this. The flower itself is over 18" long.

I am squelching the urge to show it to my husband. He might get a complex.


lisa said...

Wow that's cool! I'm surprised your dogs don't like it, usually they love stinky stuff. Heh..."hubby gets a complex"...the phallic quality of these plants is intrigueing to be sure!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness... how dark it gets when it unfurls! Like Lisa, I'm surprised your dogs won't go near it. I think mine tries to find the foulest-smelling stuff to rub her neck in as "perfume!"

Does this flower mean it's done for good and will die, like the large one at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden recently? (What a way to go, if so... it's beautiful.)

Anonymous said...

LOL what a monster that thing is!