Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Nothing Personal...

Don't you love receiving garden catalogs with a cheezy, personalized message printed on them?

"We've got the perfect plants for TAMARA's garden!"

"TAMARA, we miss you! Take $10 off your next order!"

I got one from Dutch Gardens yesterday with the telltale capital letters screaming at me:

"TAMARA, you ordered DAHLIAS last year for your PLANO, TX garden! See what new DAHLIA offerings we've got this year!"

To which I responded: "Yes, TAMARA was an IDIOT for planting DAHLIAS in her PLANO, TX garden!"

Needless to say, my dahlias didn't do well. It gets ungodly hot here and they just don't like that.

Although...the heat apparently didn't kill them. There are a few shoots already emerging from the tubers that I left in the ground. I wish they would grow and bloom before July gets here...we'll see.

On a related note, I am planning on putting the new roses I ordered where the dahlias are now. It's about a 25' long bed, so I'm hoping there'll be room for everybody.

Lastly, I know I wrote in January that I had ordered roses from Amity Roses, but I ended up cancelling the order within a day of placing it. Amity was already sold out of two of the plants I wanted, and Dutch Gardens had all of them, and had them cheaper. No sense in paying double shipping to order from two places, right?

Well, the lady from Amity who wrote to confirm my cancellation was not very nice about it. I found their website to be really messy, which is why I didn't notice a couple of my choices were sold out, but whatever. No hard feelings.

Here's what I'm getting -- hopefully within a week or so -- from Dutch Gardens:

Distinctive Rose Collection: includes Honey Dijon, Neptune, Sunstruck and Caribia
Ebb Tide


Anonymous said...

Good luck ordering roses from Dutch Gardens. Steve in Baltimore

Tamara said...

Hi Steve - Yeah, I know...DG can be pretty hit or miss. We'll see how things turn out.

Rose Farmer's Wife said...

Hi Tamara:

Don't know what I emailed that came across as not very nice, but I certainly apologize. I'd also appreciate knowing your thoughts on how to un-messy our website. I usually hear the exact opposite about how helpful and easy it is to get around.

Hope the DG order worked out. Are they own-root like ours, or grafted?

Happy Gardening,

Amity Roses