Monday, November 21, 2005

No Rest for the Wicked Gardener

I took this past weekend totally off from gardening. And I feel guilty for thinking it was kind of nice to not be dragging bags of mulch around the side of the house or digging holes in black gumbo soil for once...!

How is the front yard project coming along, you ask? Pretty well. In fact, I hope to finish it over the long Thanksgiving weekend. Well, maybe most of it. I haven't decided what materials to use for the path, and my main concern is just getting the remaining plants in the ground before we have consistently cold weather. Usually that's not until January, but still.

It's both nice and sad to see several plants (like heucheras) thriving in the cooler temperatures. They really suffer in the Texas summer heat; I pretty much have to keep hostas, heucheras, tiarellas and ferns in total, constant shade for them to live, let alone do well. The bloody sorrel looks really good now too. I'm amazed the rabbits haven't chewed it to the ground. They have certainly enjoyed the ornamental kale I put out a couple of weeks ago, which has been reduced to a gnawed, purplish, ridiculous-looking nub sticking out of the ground.

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