Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

My toad lilies are flowering now and I'm really enjoying them. They certainly brighten up shady spots in the fall when virtually nothing else is blooming.

Speaking of blooming in the fall, though, my rosemary is doing just that. I've been growing rosemary for awhile - this present plant has been mine for about 3 years - and never had one bloom until now. It feels like a victory and I'll relish it like one!

Well, there's only one session left in my Master Gardener training. I'll miss my classmates, our super-enthusiastic Extension Agent, and the current MGs who have been so helpful and supportive.

One of our final projects was to capture either actual specimens or digital photos of plants, plant diseases or insects. I opted to do photos of insects; I've posted some of my reject photos in the Flickr folder for your enjoyment, since I think once I turn in my good pix, they become the property of Texas A&M or something. Maybe not, but anyways...enjoy!


stonethegardener said...

I enjoyed your bug pictures.
Is that passionflower native to your area?


Tamara said...


I actually bought that particular passionflower from a guy on eBay.

Not sure what cultivars are native to Texas...seems like I see a lot of the really fragrant purplish ones sold in nurseries here.