Friday, August 05, 2005

My Cantaloupe Wears Pantyhose

See? Well, I'm using it as a sling, not to hide the appearance of ugly lines and bumps. There's another melon forming on the same vine...this is 'Superstar', a good performer I've grown from the same batch of old Harris Seeds for the past three years.

Betcha haven't seen many of these - it's a pepper called 'Fish' with beautiful variegated leaves. The peppers themselves are supposed to be very good in seafood dishes, but I have't gotten any from this plant yet. Nice to look at, though. Seeds are available from Tomato Growers Supply.

A common site throughout Texas right now - the flowering of the big yuccas, otherwise known as Spanish bayonets. This flower stalk is at least 3' tall.

The latest addition to the family, as I continue to feed my growing passionflower obsession. I picked this beauty up for $6 the other day. It is Passiflora 'Incense' and smells wonderful.


kerry said...

What is your secret for sweet melons? Every time I've tried to grow them they are juicy but fairly tasteless. Any secrets you care to share?

Tamara said...

Hi Kerry-

Two things are important for sweet melons: lots of heat (made better by putting them in slings, thus lifting them off of the cool ground), and pinching off the vines periodically to encourage fruiting instead of more foliage.

PantyhoseGirl said...

I like pantyhose.