Monday, February 21, 2005

Glorious Days

We've had some absolutely gorgeous weather here the past couple of weekends - what I would define as near-perfect; sunny, 75°, a light breeze, no humidity. So, needless to say, I haven't had much desire to sit at the computer and type.

I haven't been totally lax, however, as garden planning seems to be a 24/7 obsession. Next Saturday, a landscaper is coming over to do some heavy work around the yard. While I am mostly a do-it-yourselfer, the stuff he's going to be doing is out of my league: removing large shrubs, hauling off rotten railroad ties, etc.

It'll be great to have it all done, because then I'll be able to build the beds and start planting! Yippee!

I spent one of the afore-mentioned gorgeous weekend days tending to the several plants overwintering in pots on the patio. Nearly all of them are showing signs of life, even some of those about which I wondered if they had life. The hostas are showing some crown emergence too.

My veggie seedlings are doing exceptionally well. The only strain that didn't germinate at all was the Black Cherry Tomato. Disappointing, but not altogether surprising, as I apparently had trouble with these seeds last year.

Since I was dead-set on having some form of cherry tomato, I ordered a packet of Juliet Hybrid from Burpee (along with a packet of Big Rainbow heirloom). If the picture means anything, the Juliet look more like the now-popular grape tomato. They are supposed to be crack-resistant, too. We'll see. I started the seeds yesterday.

I also ordered and received some of the folding tomato cages from Burpee and am very impressed with their workmanship. Four of 'em for $28 sure seems like a good deal. I know my darling husband will be happy that he doesn't have to wrestle the non-folding cages out of the attic for me again this year.

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