Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mulling Over Mulla Mulla

One of the new hot plants getting an awful lot of press in the last year has been Ptilotus exaltatus or, as it's known in its native Australia, Mulla Mulla.

Why all the attention? Well, it's a gorgeous plant, for one thing, and thrives in the harshest of conditions. Believe me, I know. I'm growing the 'Platinum Wallaby' variety in a container in my backyard now and, despite nearly a month of triple digit temperatures and very little rain, this plant is still blooming and still pretty.

According to a very informative article published last year in Sunset Magazine, the 'Platinum Wallaby' is an all-around better plant than a similar variety called 'Joey,' at least as far as North Texas gardens are concerned. 'Platinum Wallaby' prefers alkaline soil, which we have a lot of here, and as a perennial, it also appears to just be generally tougher.

Since Proven Winners is a supplier of 'Platinum Wallaby,' I'm hoping it will hop to our local nurseries faster than a bush kangaroo.


Bom said...

That is quite pretty. Thank you for introducing me to the plant. I think it will work with our climate. Hopefully it is available locally.

Landscape Resource said...

Mulla Mullas are truly beautiful an are fantastic, striking picks to add into landscaping projects, especially for sunny or dry states.

Aside from all these given benefits, ptilotus exaltatus is also quite tolerant to pests.

So if anyone is trying only one new flower in the garden this season, Mulla Mulla is a great choice which is as attractive as it is tough.

Happy gardening :)