Sunday, September 16, 2007

Recent Orders

While I obviously haven't been doing much gardening blogging lately, (too busy fretting about whether a certain mortgage lending company I now work for is going to stay afloat), it doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about gardening. And having a regular paycheck means I can buy plants again...woohoo!

Here's a look at some orders I've placed lately:

Dutch Gardens - I know...I am a bigtime sucker for ordering from these guys yet again...
Fire Of Love Tulip
Ginger Ale Heuchera
Coconut Lime Coneflower
Sumatra Amaryllis

Bluestone Perennials - The Centranthus aka Jupiter's Beard isn't available until Spring, which I'm really bummed about.
Agastache Apricot Sprite
Nepeta Subsessillis
Achillea Terra Cotta
Achillea Walter Funke
Digitalis Obscura
Kniphofia uvaria Flamenco
Salvia East Friesland
Muscari Golden Fragrance
Gaura Corrie's Gold

White Flower Farm - I've never ordered from WFF before; they're a little pricey, but I had to have both of these coneflowers.
Echinacea purpurea Green Envy
Echinacea Tiki Torch
Grass Hakonechloa macra Beni Kaze
Festuca glauca Boulder Blue

Garden Crossings - The current special is great: free shipping on orders $75 and up. I like this company a lot anyway - their plants are always large and healthy and their website is simple but efficient.
Origanum Kent Beauty
Clematis Avante-Garde
Viola Black Magic
Echinacea Summer Sky
Itea Little Henry
Hosta Hanky Panky
Campanula Pink Octopus

It should be a busy fall. I've decided to go ahead and have some "big things" done in the yard around November 1. Namely, the removal of all of the remaining yuccas by the swimming pool, the holly bushes in the front, and a fairly large but nasty garbage-tree that got a horrendous case of bagworms. The bagworms were a pretty common problem around Dallas this year, but this particular tree has been the bane of both my neighbor's (it's apparently blocking his dish reception) and my existance for some time. So out it goes.

I'm not looking forward to the bill for any of this, but... *sucking in a deep breath* needs done.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I have plant envy now. I haven't sent off an order in ages. I used to buy a lot of bulbs. Somewhere along the line I got into maintenance mode and stopped buying new plants. I think the big reason was my yard got shadier and shadier. But I just cut down some trees so I think I'm going to be plant shopping soon. Your list is inspiring!

Unknown said...

Oooh... that gaura from Bluestone has been on my wishlist since I caught sight of it in the catalog. You just introduced me to a new hakonechloa, too, and now I have to have one. (Wouldn't that look great near Japanese bloodgrass, with both of their tips turning red in the fall?!)

Looks like fun... and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your mortgage lender. (And for most of the rest of them, too, honestly.)

Rose said...

It sounds like you will be plenty busy planting this fall. That will certainly keep your mind off of your worries. Best wishes on the job situation!


Anonymous said...

I have just read your blog and I think it is great, I have a friend who lives in Plano.
I live in Canada and I am excited this year to be able to get the new Echinacea" coconut lime" and some of the other plants you mentioned, roll on spring!!