Thursday, March 08, 2007

Early Bloomers

I'll save the best for last...

This Louisiana Iris was blooming back in January, after we had a bunch of rain. I've no idea what cultivar it is - strange-looking, eh? (It may actually be a Siberian iris...if anybody can ID this, please let me know!)

This is Euphorbia 'Tasmanian Tiger' and it's been blooming for well over two weeks. Love the variegated foliage.

I mentioned in a previous post how Nature Hills Nursery accidentally sent me somebody else's order of crocus bulbs and then told me to just keep I planted 'em. Not bad, although I'd probably never buy these.

Many daffodils don't naturalize here in Texas, especially the weirder kinds, but these double daffs I got from Bluestone back in late 2005 are even prettier this year.

Between the rain, a good trimming and some fertilizer, this Mexican plum tree is blooming like crazy, much more so than in previous years. The honeybees are all over it already, and the smell is divine.

Wow, wow, wow. Say hello to Passiflora 'Lady Margaret'. What a babe! I just received this plant from Zone 9 Tropicals about a month ago. Temps aren't quite high enough to put her outside yet, so she got potted up and kept in the sunroom...where she seems quite happy for the time being. Can't wait to see my back fence covered with this lovely lady later in the summer!


KC MO Garden Guy said...

What great pictures. Here in central Missouri it is still winter. But it is getting warmer. The crocus are about to start blooming and the daffodils are about 4 inch out of the ground. I have tried to grow passion flower as an annual but it only had a couple of blooms on it before the frost took it. I guess our summers are to short. Keep the pictures coming.

Unknown said...

Nice! I love how 'Tasmanian Tiger' looks like something exotic from the sea floor... and that Mexican plum looks luscious. It looks like it should smell as good as you say it does!

Loretta said...

Gor-geous passion flower!!!!!! Thanks for the Zone 9 rec- 28 varieties of passion flowers, damn!

lisa said...

WOW! I have serious "passion flower envy"!

Brenda Maas said...

Beautiful photos.
I didn't think that it would get cold enough there for your daffodils to rebloom the next year without you having to pull them out and give them a cold period in your frig.,very pretty.
Does the passion flower do well in full sun or does it need some shade? I live in Sonora, Mexico and it gets very hot and humid here in the summer. I am wondering how one would do here.

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with that Euphorbia. Its the prettiest thing I've seen in a while.