Monday, September 04, 2006

Rainy Days with Annie

Labor Day has been all wet here in DFW...not that I'm complaining. It's been an expensive day, though, as I've been spending this rainy afternoon placing fall plants orders over the Internets like an addictive fool.

Here's my first-ever order from Annie's Annuals:
Verbascum chiaxii 'Album Wedding Candles'
Verbascum 'Southern Charm'
Uncinia uncinata 'Red'
Trifolium rubens
Salvia munzii "San Diego Sage"
Salvia mexicana 'Limelight'
Rudbeckia occidentalis 'Green Wizard'
Papaver commutatum 'Ladybird'
Kniphofia citrina
Delphinium belladonna 'Cliveden Beauty'
Carex testacea "Orange New Zealand Sedge"
Carex comans 'Bronze'
Asclepias speciosa "Showy Milkweed"
Artemisia filifolia "Sand Sage"

Shipping was $42, which is a little high, but I do appreciate the fact they're using 2-day air. It still works out to about $10 per plant overall, and that's not bad.

Annie's has an excellent feedback rating over at Gardenwatchdog, in case you're curious. Will let you know how the plants look when they arrive in a week or so.


Niblets said...

I shop in person at Annie's all the time, and their plants at the nursery are really great. I'll be interested to hear how well they ship.

Unknown said...

What a great list--I'm completely drooling over that carex testacea. Olive green to orangey bronze? Yum.

I've not ordered from Annie's... yet... but I like looking through her slideshow of what's in bloom there.

TK said...

Hey Tam! I have to say I get a little vicarious thrill from seeing all these cool plants you are ordering, and your wonderful garden. I'm sure it's much more hard work than I'd be willing to commit, but the results are gorgeous, and I'm sure really satisfying (usually!) I can barely keep a few windowsill plants alive these days.

Unknown said...

Love reading your blog. Your pictures and choices of plant material are great!! Thanks for sharing