Monday, July 31, 2006

A Gardener's Rationale

Well, I caved and bought the $50 phormium. Actually, I bought two.

I know, I know...but those of you reading this who don't suffer from plant fetishes (and honestly, I don't know why you're here, in that case), let me give you some reasons why I plunked down that much moolah for two plants:

1. I didn't actually pay $50 each. The Calloway's down the street now has "Happy Hour" every Friday from 5-7 p.m. whereby you get 20% off your entire purchase. So that, my friends, means I "only" paid $40 for each phormium...

2. ...which is still a helluva lot, in my book. But to further rationalize, both of these plants are huge and ready to be divided. So I figure that I might actually get three additional plants from each one. Now we're down to $10 per plant.

3. Dutch Gardens recently refunded about $45 to one of my credit cards for some dead plants I reported. Using that credit means we're down to under $5 for each plant. Excellent!

See how easy that was? You too can rationalize your way into overpaying for plants you're obsessed with.

By the way, the two phormium cultivars I got were 'Jester' and 'Pink Panther' - both gorgeous. I just couldn't choose between the two of 'em. *wink


Carol Michel said...

No rationalizing needed, though I did wonder what a Phormium was, and I why I had not heard of it. Then I looked it up... hardy to zone 8. I'm in zone 5.

It is a beautiful plant. Sadly, it would not make it through the midwestern winter.

Unknown said...

I'm drooling... just drooling... especially over 'Pink Panther.' I'm both happy and sad that my local nurseries carry none of these things, or I would be hugely in trouble, rationalization or no.. :)

Where are you putting them in your garden?

Tamara said...

I'm going to do everything I can not to kill these...which means amending our yucky clay soil before planting, as phormiums apparently like deep, rich soil that stays a little moist. I'll probably put them both in the Front Yard Garden project, with full sun for most, but not all, of the day. 'Jester' especially has been reported to "green out" with too much sun.