Monday, April 10, 2006

Gardening 24-7

My body feels like I've been pulling weeds and digging for 48 hours straight. And that's really not too far from the truth.

Ah, I exaggerate. But I did have a big weekend.

Friday afternoon, I raced up to McKinney to work at the Heard Museum's Native Plant Sale. Friday is always Members-Only day, and there were several people waiting at the gate when I got there around 2:15 (and the sale didn't start until 4)!

The Heard holds this event each year and has the checkout process down to a science. I was assigned to be a ticket writer, which was a lot of fun and allowed me to chat with people as they prepared to pay for their stuff. Of course, I did a bit of shopping main catch of the day was a fabulous (and fairly large) Variegated Agave 'Marginata' (Agave americana) that is now majestically guarding a corner of my front yard. I got it for $25...a real steal.

As soon as I quit being a camera-forgetting dumbass and start taking pictures, I'll show y'all what mine looks like.

Saturday brought the Grand Opening of the Plano Community Garden. Mayor Pat Evens showed up to cut the ribbon at noon, and we proceeded to plant. I am already out of space, can you believe that? I shared some extra transplants with other gardeners and we'll see how they do. And see my above comment about the camera...I will have pictures of my plot to share shortly. Once I post pics, I'll list what all is in my plot.

In the meantime, here's a picture of the remarkable Jodi Rea finishing up the roof on one of our sheds. Don't tell Jodi she can't do something because, by gawd, she will prove you wrong. I really love the attitude and energy everybody has had with this project.

On Saturday afternoon, I went twelve rounds with the variegated vinca taking over the beds at the front of our house. The vinca eventually won, but I foresee some 20% vinegar giving me an advantage in our next battle.

Sunday morning, I couldn't resist dragging my husband out to my plot (and making him carry a trellis for me). He was pretty impressed with the whole setup, but called me a "show-off" because my plot is the only one full of transplants, each with a cage or a trellis.

"You always have to be different, don't you?" he teased with a wink.

Yup, I guess I do.


Anonymous said...


I have been reading your blog for about 6 months or so, and I enjoy it thoroughly. Last Friday, had I known that it was you that wrote my Heard ticket, I would have loved to tell you this in person. Keep writing and I'll keep reading...and looking forward to meet you around town.

Dusty, Plano

Tamara said...

Hi Dusty! Wow, small world eh? Well, it was nice of you to email me anyway!