Monday, January 23, 2006

"Into Each Life...

...a little rain must fall." Is that how the saying goes?

Well, we had a little rain fall yesterday. It sprinkled on and off all day, actually, making for a soggy and dreary day that was perfect for watching football. (Go Steelers!)

My backyard 75-gallon rainbarrel that accidentally leaked all of its contents a couple of weeks ago is now full again. It is amazing to consider the amount of water just coming off of one residential roof.

I started some seeds on Saturday - mostly tomatoes and delphiniums.

In other news, my gardening calendar is already filling up with engagements. This Thursday is the first Dallas Organic Garden Club meeting of the new year. I'd like to become active in this group outside of just the meetings, if time allows.

On Saturday, I'll be helping construct a shed and compost bin with some other folks for the *new* Plano Community Garden. I am SO stoked about this whole project. It will be incredibly fun to have my own little strip of land to grow stuff on! (All the food is donated to the local Food Bank, which makes it doubly cool and feel-goody.) This will be the first of many Saturdays helping with this project, I'm sure.

Saturday February 4, reknowned organic gardener Malcolm Beck will be speaking at a local event. I've volunteered to work the Master Gardener booth at that.

Finally, one of my favorite events of the year on a personal level, the Heard Museum Spring Native Plant Sale, is just around the corner. I've signed up for morning helper duty on Saturday April 8 for that too...being sure to leave a little time to shop for plants first, of course! Hopefully I won't have to break up any fights; although I've never witnessed it myself, I hear some shoppers can get ugly at these things due to the limited availability of some plants, as well as the carts they provide for hauling.

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