Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fall 2005 Plant Roundup


As my husband giddily plays wireless Halo 2 on his new X-Box in the next room, I figured it's a good time for me to take stock in the many plants I've ordered for fall...with images of a full front yard garden dancing in my head. I know I've listed the bulbs here previously, so this is kind of a full-on inventory for my purposes too. Thanks for your goes:

Bluestone Perennials - Received in very good condition
Hosta 'Frances Williams'
Perfect Partners: Daffodil Colorful Cupfuls collection
Tulip Yellow Emperor
Tulip Triumph Jackpot
Tulip Triumph Shirley

Wayside Gardens
(I'm trying to avoid Wayside for the most part these days due to their high prices. These plants were obtained with previous credit I had on my account. Ditto for Park Seed, their affiliate.)
Sumac Tiger Eyes
Sedum Black Jack
Sedum Samuel Oliphant
Tiarella 'Crow Feather'
Tiarella 'Jeepers Creepers'
Echinops 'Taplow Blue'

Park Seed
Heuchera 'Frosted Violet'

Big Dipper Farm
Received in very good condition
Rudbeckia 'Black Beauty'
Ratibida Columnifera 'Yellow'
Ratibida Columnifera 'Red'
Heuchera 'Sparkling Burgundy'
Heuchera 'Peach Flambe'
Tiarella 'Neon Lights'
Artemisia 'Silver Mound'
Artemisia 'Silver Brocade'
Alchemilla 'Thriller'
Actaea/Cimicifuga 'Brunette'
Trifolium 'Dragons Blood'
Trifolium 'Dark Dancer'

High Country Gardens
Received in excellent condition
Allium Azureum
Solidago 'Golden Fleece'
Agastache 'Black Adder'
Agastache 'Desert Sunrise'
Agastache 'Shades of Orange'
Penstemon Virens 'Blue Mist Beardtongue'
Castilleja Integra - Indian Paintbrush
Marrubium Rotundifolia
Agave Havardiana

Garden Crossings
Received in excellent condition
Hosta 'Inniswood'
Echinacea 'Harvest Moon/Matthew Saul'
Heuchera 'Green Spice'
Armeria 'Rubrifolia'

Digging Dog Nursery
Sambucus Nigra 'Black Beauty'
Tiarella 'Iron Butterfly'
Schizachyrium scoparium 'The Blues'
Helictotrichon sempervirens 'Sapphire Fountain'

Spring Hill
Gawd forgive me...
Early Hybrid Kniphofia
Echinops Ritro
Louisiana Iris Collection

And, uh...that's it. I think. For now.


TK said...

Holy Crap!

Maybe I should give you a gift certificate to an online garden center for your birthday!

Tamara said...

No, no! Make it stop! hehheh

Actually, I have that whole big space in the front yard to fill now, so getting enough plants is a concern, albiet a fun one!