Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Mother Nature's A Dom

If anyone wants to paint a picture of Mother Nature, I advise they depict her in head-to-toe black leather with a whip. She can be a beautiful but cruel b*tch sometimes.

Case in point: Today is the Official Final Frost Day for my Zone (7b or 8, depending on who you ask). The temperature? A chilly 43° with the "feels like" temp at around 35°. Grrr...and Brrr. No wonder the juncos hung around.

It's not freezing yet, I realize, but I did leave my Sago palms outside today. Luckily, however, I elected not to put the baby tomato plants out. They've taken enough of a beating lately; the wind has been horrific here the past couple of days and I actually scorched one plant to death (the Pineapple tom variety, which I didn't care much for anyway) because it was so darned hot on Saturday. Hot, I said. As in 80°+.

Moving on to other, less ungrateful topics...

I have taken several pictures of the separate beds in my yard and will be creating pages for each of them. That way, we can all enjoy the progression together. :) The photos will also help me to plan what should go where; I just got Photoshop at home and am going to use it to "virtually" plot the plants in the landscape with my computer. Should work out pretty well, I think, since Photoshop allows you to create layers and move them around, etc. I use it a lot at work and just love it.

Up to this week's nasty weather, the march toward spring has been pretty spectacular. The leaves are coming out on many of the trees (including my Japanese Maples) and the daffodils are giving way to vibrant masses of tulips.

My tasks for this weekend tentatively include mowing the yard and applying beneficial nematodes and corn gluten meal (if it's ok to put them both on...I have to check), and planting some 50 dahlia tubers, as my Dutch Gardens order is supposed to arrive today.

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