Monday, January 24, 2005

Make Like a Tree and Leave

Here I am, trying to drum up readership...and I neglect to update for several days.

Actually, I'm in the middle of some behind-the-scenes prep in the form of entering all of my plants for 2005 over at Dave's Garden. It's a daunting task, for sure, but will be well worth it when finished.

I've been doing a little gardening as the weather allows. We seem to be on a continual one week warm, one week cold type of weather pattern here in North Texas, so I try to take advantage of the warm spells when they're here.

I finally got my two biggest Magnolias planted in the front yard. "Jane" had been in a pot for over a year (and been through a couple of re-pottings in the process) but I firmly believe she's just fine, and will probably flower beautifully in the spring.

The Sunspire I got from Wayside (at half price) also looked a lot better after I potted it up, but it was really time to get it in the ground. (FYI: When Wayside marks plants down, it's common to receive potbound plants in need of some TLC. That being said, most are still healthy overall.) I also think this columnar yellow magnolia will put on a lovely show come May.

In an effort to avoid a traffic jam on the way home this evening, I ducked into Calloway's and finally indulged in one of their half-price conifers that've been tempting me for the past couple of months: a gallon size Arborvitae 'Blue Cone' for just $12! Ah...I love a bargain.

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