Friday, June 03, 2005

Mistress In Training

Well, I got the magic letter from Collin County the other day...the invitation to attend the Master Gardener Training Program this fall. Woo-hoo! (Can I be a "Mistress Gardener"? It doesn't sound as commanding as "Master", but...)

This program is only offered once a year to a few people. It doesn't mean I'm special or anything, believe me - it's just that my name came up on what is apparently a very long waiting list. Each applicant is just that; you must be accepted into the program.

The class is every Monday for 13 weeks. Luckily, my employer is super-cool about this sort of thing; I met with my two immediate bosses this morning and they were very supportive.

I've wanted to get involved in some kind of volunteer work for quite some time, and this will be perfect. You see, once the training program is completed, Master Gardeners are expected to perform at least 65 hours of community service each year thereafter to maintain their status. They do everything from assisting the County Extension Service with phone questions to giving plant presentations at schools and garden clubs. I figure I can help out with the website when needed too. Fun!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats! Becoming a Master Gardener is fun. My volunteer hours took me to the Iowa State Fair where I helped build a pond,a bridge,Laid alot rocks around and dead headed flowers. And then watched thousands of people enjoy The Discovery Garden. It's always nice to meet a fellow Master Gardener.