Saturday, July 28, 2007

New Nepenthes

Well, I might actually get some gardening in today...once the rain stops. Yes, more showers graced the Northern areas of the Dallas metroplex this morning. Temperatures had started creeping into the more August-like 90's lately, making for a bit of wilting among the smaller container plants, so a little drink from Mother Nature was welcome.

Since I start my new bigtime high-paying job on Monday (yey!), I allowed myself to splurge on this magnificent Nepenthes 'Miranda' that I spotted in Calloways. Actually, $26 wasn't a bad price for such a big specimen.

I always see the 'Alata' pitcher plants in stores and, being me, I wanted something a little different, especially after visiting Dotty Woodson's greenhouses recently and seeing her absolutely HUGE pitcher plants dangling spookily from the roof.

My Texas Star Hibiscus is doing pretty well despite being in a big pot. Once it's done blooming, I think it'll need to go in the ground. A few things in the Front Yard Garden Project have perished due to...wait for it...too much rain. Can you believe that? My 3'x3' rosemary bush is now a crisp brown. Two artemisias, an echinops and a kniphofia are gone too. Dang.

Of course, next year we'll probably return to our regularly scheduled drought and triple digit temps. But for now, I'm thinking swamp plants like the hibiscus might be appropriate.

Speaking of hibiscus, I have neglected to publicly thank my friend and fellow gardener Larry in NC (aka 'Daturapod') for sending me some lovely tropical and perennial hibiscus cuttings back in June. Larry was most generous in sharing these with me. I've got a cutting of that Hurricane Lily Hibiscus going for you now, Lar!


Blackswamp_Girl said...

Those Nepenthes are indeed cool. A local garden center has 3-4 of them hanging in their greenhouse, and I always hear people commenting on them when they walk by. (Some rather naughtily--which is funny when you look and realize these are 70-year-old ladies in church clothes making such comments!)

I'm so sad that you lost your rosemary... mostly because I only wish we could grow them outside, and so large, ehre. Seems unfair that you should lose such a nice specimen. (But I'm guessing those hibiscus blooms are something of a balm--wow they're gorgeous!)

lisa said...

Wow, I LOVE your nepenthes!! I just got a nice-sized Miranda off Ebay, and yours wasn't much more expensive, and looks bigger. Hope it grows well for you!