Friday, November 18, 2005


We've had frosty conditions for the past three nights now and some of my annuals are starting to bite it. Specifically, all the coleus looks awful, my basil is crumpled and brown, and the pepper plant by the driveway looks like somebody took a blowtorch to it.

Strangely, though, my banana tree in the corner still looks pretty good. It is protected under the umbrella of a yaupon tree, so that could be saving it for now.

I'm hoping the rest of the hardier annuals make it at least through Thanksgiving weekend. I want to pot up some of the sweet potato vine and Persian shield and overwinter them in the house, for one thing...then I can use the vacant holes for the 200-odd bulbs currently snoozing comfortably in the veggie bin of our garage fridge.

It seems I can never resist the Last Chance plant and bulb sales typically held by online nurseries this time of year (and in late spring too). was offering free shipping, so I picked up three lovely looking Siberian Iris 'Dance, Ballerina, Dance', a Daylily 'Spacecoast Starburst', a Daylily 'Startle', and a Stokesia 'Blue Danube'.

I was never much for daylilies until witnessing the ones that bloomed in front of our new house this past spring. Wow...what a show. They can seemingly take the Texas heat pretty well, too. I'm sure the ones already in my front beds are in need of dividing. Add that to my list of garden chores for Thanksgiving'll be good to work off all the mashed potatoes I plan on eating!